Friday, May 18, 2007

My Dad

Dad was born in 1916 in Buffalo, NY. His Mom, my Grammie, was from Germany and raised her kids by herself as my Grandpa left and went back to Ireland where he was from when my dad was a pre-teen. [so I never met my Grandpa] My Dad had 13 brothers and sisters with 8 of them living. My Dad was the 3rd oldest so he and his older brothers went to work to help support the family when his Dad left. One of my father's younger brothers was killed when he was 19; one sister was a twin, but her twin died in child birth; two of his siblings died of crib death; and one died in child birth. Originally my Grammie had 13 children. My Dad served in WWII and was given the Gold Medal of Honor and 2 Purple Hearts for courage and valor. He was honorably discharged when his jeep was blown up in a raid and he was injured. He came home a different man, but the only one that I had ever known. When I was born I became his favorite pal and we spent a lot of nights talking and watching TV and eating his favorite pizza and drinking Pepsi. I remember going out for family night dinners for "Fish Frys," and going to the Springville auction on weekends where he loved to bid on those absolute "must haves" that we all know we never really need. One time there was this huge white teddy bear that I really loved and wanted and I remember my Dad bidding on it and winning it for me. In the summer months we spent it at our vacation house in Point Breeze and there I helped my Dad build a new cabin, well I kind of hammered a few nails, but I remember how proud I was to be his helper. He was always giving me little gifts, especaiily when he would come home on Friday nights, after a night on the town. I still have one of those rabbits that when you turn him on his mouth moves and his hand picks up a phone. I loved all the gifts, especially the barking dogs that walked. Does anyone remember them? Anyways as I got older I could always sit and talk to him about things and get some really solid advise without any judgements being made. My Dad was my hero and a man I cherished. He was quiet at times, but I always knew he would be there for me if I needed him. I lost my Dad much too early in my life [when he was only 65 years old and I only 30] and I still feel like it was yesterday when we would have those conversations when I would come visit about all those important things, like Dragnet and Bonanza. :) Yes, I truely have wonderful memories of my Dad so I thought I would jot them down here along with a few of my favorite photos of him.

the background photo is my mom & dad
on their wedding day

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